Have an enjoyable evening
in a good old-fashioned
Japanese atmosphere

Chabuya Co., Ltd. operates multiple restaurants in the popular tourist destination of Kyoto.
In addition to an izakaya Japanese-style pub, there are also restaurants specializing in traditional Japanese dishes like kushiage (fried skewers), yakitori (chicken skewers), oden (Japanese stew), and kamameshi (Japanese seasoned rice in a pot) where you can enjoy delicious food at affordable prices in a traditional Japanese-style space.
Please be sure to visit a restaurant near you when sightseeing in Kyoto.
We will provide an enjoyable experience you will never forget.

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Shop list

*All prices do not include sales tax.

  • Chicken and spring onion

    Chicken and spring onion ¥180

  • Deluxe tsukune

    Deluxe tsukune ¥240

  • All kinds of oden

    All kinds of oden ¥150~

This yakitori specialty restaurant is located on a side street in Shijo-Takakura. In addition to yakitori skewers individually grilled to perfection over a charcoal fire, we also have original beef skewers available exclusively at this location.
: 075-344-0313
: 367-7 Nishimae-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 600-8083
  • Cheese-filled tsukune skewers

    Cheese-filled tsukune skewers

  • Shrimp


  • Ham cutlet

    Ham cutlet

Kushiage Specialty Restaurant Kotetsu
At Kotetsu in Kawaramachi-Kiyamachi you can enjoy healthy kushiage (fried skewers) made from seasonal ingredients lightly battered and fried in oil at affordable prices starting from ¥200.
: 075-371-5883
: 232-2 Sendo-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 600-8019
  • Chicken tsukune oden

    Chicken tsukune oden ¥250

  • Tomato oden

    Tomato oden ¥500

  • Kamameshi with locally-raised chicken

    Kamameshi with locally-raised chicken ¥750

Muro Oden and Kamameshi
Muro near Omiya Station is an oden (Japanese stew) specialty restaurant. You can enjoy sake together with oden and dishes made with rice steamed in traditional iron kettles using seasonal ingredients.
: 075-822-7300
: 3-3 Mibubojo-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 604-8804
  • Potato oden

    Potato oden ¥200

  • Lobster with tartar sauce

    Lobster with tartar sauce ¥380

  • Komutetsu curry

    Komutetsu curry ¥600

Kushiage and Oden
Komuro Tetsuya
At Komuro Tetsuya in Nijo, you can enjoy popular kushiage and oden (fried skewers and Japanese stew). The crispy kushiage and oden permeated with dashi broth are fantastic.
: 075-823-0069
: 26-18 Nishinokyo Shokushii-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 604-8381
  • Pork yakisoba

    Pork yakisoba ¥780

  • Grilled yams with cheese

    Grilled yams with cheese ¥560

  • Pork belly and bean sprouts with ponzu sauce

    Pork belly and bean sprouts with ponzu sauce ¥600

Ebisugawa Second
Ebisugawa Second near Marutamachi Station is a yakisoba (sauce fried noodle) specialty restaurant. Be sure to enjoy the yakisoba made with fresh noodles. This restaurant has a wide selection of grilled dishes and sake.
: 075-256-7171
: 254 Makieya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 604-0857